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one lifetime



Hello and welcome to my travel blog! I'm an Australian uni student slowly but surely making my way around the globe with my other half. i'm always broke and always planning my next adventure!


my mission is to leave no continent unvisited.

 i present to you some snippets of my story. 


The very best air bnbs in italy...
Here's a handful of our favourite places to sleep in Italy that are all the fraction of the price of a hotel but just as beautiful with even better location... 

May 15, 2018

The undeniable truth about travelling is that it’s good for the soul. No one will ever deny you that. It a magical remedy for growth, peace and healthy challenges that help us to flourish into happier, powerfully independent versions of ourselves. The one thing it doesn’t always benefit though, is our bodies. 

We’ve all heard of the Heathrow injection, right? 

The oh so fa...

September 26, 2017

Now I know that the idea of hiring scooters, cars, and quad-bikes can make people think one of two things: “Hell yes!” or “Dream on.” Yes, for all the bad drivers of the world (myself especially) they scream danger, insurance you can’t cover, getting lost and for many are just plain outside the budget. But please if you’re game to put those things and a little extra cash...

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why cinque terre
is worth the stay...
But where will we sleep...?
Every travellers everlasting debate: Where do we book to stay? Air BnB, Hotel or Hostel? Here are the pros and cons of each of them based on our experience

my favourite summer day


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