That Won't Happen To Me...

July 17, 2018

"I was jogging along a footpath in Costa Rica and next thing I know I woke up face down, my leg was positioned the complete wrong way around and in an unbelievable amount of immense pain..."


This is the story of an American tourist in Costa Rica who was accidentally hit by a car going 80km/hr - not only did she make a full recovery to tell the story, she had minimal out of pocket expenses. Thankfully she purchased travel insurance for her journey. Her insurance covered Emergency treatments, hospital care, x-rays and an air ambulance transfer back to the US for surgery - a total of $150,000USD worth of care. Now take a moment to imagine if she hadn't taken out any insurance... (World Nomads, 2018). 


When we are drawing up a budget for a trip we look at flights, accommodation, food and transport, right? You're missing one fundamental expense right there and I'm not talking about shopping money...




Now I don't want to sound like anyone's Mum but accidents happen and things do get lost, and no one likes ending up with a massive medical bill or thousands of dollars of camera equipment lost, so I cannot stress enough how important this is to having a successful trip. Now I know, hopefully you won't have to use it but no one plans on crashing their hire scooter or having their handbag stolen, but it's the classic "what if...?" followed by the "but that won't happen..." until it does and you're massively out of pocket.


 Above: A scooter we hired in Lipari, Italy to get around on. We were really lucky and had no accidents anywhere but we definitely took the insurance out just in case. 


Most travel agencies, banks and insurance companies sell travel insurance and the price is dependent on things like where you're going, for how long, and what you're doing over there. I've always bought our travel insurance through either NAB or the travel agency we booked our flights through, however with an up and coming ski trip (pray for no broken bones) I've started to do a little more research into it. It can become very confusing as to what you're paying for and what is actually covered so I want to share with you an awesome site that will help you out because I am definitely no expert. has done all the comparing for you of 22 difference insurance providers to help you breakdown which has the most comprehensive coverage for the most realistic price! It breaks down options for all types of travellers to find the best options for them! I urge anyone embarking on an up and coming journey to check it out here - after all, they're doing the research for you and saving you money!






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